Northern Virginia Homes

Settlement Costs and Helpful Information
HUD Booklet

    Table of Contents

    I. Introduction

    II. Buying & Financing A Home

    Role of the Real Estate Broker
    Selecting an Attorney
    Terms of the Agreement of Sale
    Shopping For a Loan
    Selecting a Settlement Agent
    Securing Title Services
    RESPA Disclosures
    Processing Your Loan Application
    RESPA Protection Against Illegal Referral Fees
    Your Right to File Complaints

    III. Your Settlement Costs

    Specific Settlement Costs
    Calculating the Amount You Need At Settlement
    Adjustments To Costs Shared By Buyer and Seller
    HUD-1 Settlement Statement

    IV. Appendix

    "Buying Your Home" is available in three versions. The first two versions are complete booklets, in one file, available in Microsoft WORD, or as a PDF file. Use the links below.

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